29 octubre 2007

The Beatles

The most expected release since the Black Album. After being asked by the remaining Beatles to make experimental remixes from their master tapes, Sir George Master Five and the former drummer Pete Best Zarustica spent 7 entire days planning this record, that for the first time in the fab-four history expresses HATE for the war, for the USA, and for everyone that supports this stupid act. The results are fantastic. Picture B-Movies soundtracks with Bristol's nightlife. Sound textures that have never been heard before, noise, and unique breakbeats. This is HATE, an album to despise.
"A masterpiece. It made me feel like the day I died, in that silly conversible, in India" - Paul McCartney
"The truth is that Pete has always been a better drummer that I am. Fuck him, I'm a movie star." - Ringo Starr
Sin duda un disco eclectico, pero esta excelente para fans, despues subo un par de canciones.

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Mau dijo...

oooooorale!! había escuchado de esto pero no me había atrevido a bajarlo.